Sunday, July 22, 2007

A writer I'm not!!!

So, in the world of scrapbooking the new "in" thing to do is have your own blog. A venue through which we scrapbookers can share our latest artistic creations. Personally, I love this idea! I'm hoping that by doing this I can actually share my layouts with others rather than just shelving them in the office wating for my children to have a nostalgic moment!!!

Usually these blogs are meant to be somewhat of an online journal or diary. You won't be finding any deep dark secrets of mine here, as I don't like to air my dirty laundry. You definitely will not find the next great piece of literary work here either as I seriously hate to write. I struggled in high school with all of that creative writing stuff and never did learn to enjoy it!

What I hope you will find is some eye candy and inspiration!!! Thanks for taking the time to look at my work and leave a comment or two!!!!

Stay tuned and I'll post some layouts soon!

1 comment:

MarySue said...

You are so bright, talented and gifted. Don't you short-change yourself!!!