Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cards Galore

I love to make them. When I am done working with a kit I love to take the leftovers and use them on cards. These were all made using mostly all leftover items from the A Million Memories May kit that I used in the post before this.

First, this one needs a little intro.. You see I adore the amount of crocheting that Stacy Cohen does on her work and I have been wanting to learn how to crochet all because of her. So, when the family took a vacation to Arizona a couple of months ago, I had a goal. You see the perfect crochet mentors were mom and her cousin Mary Sue. I know they think I forgot since they haven't seen me use it on anything. Well, yesterday I saw the sweet comment that "Merry Susie" left on my blog and although I know she didn't mean it as such, I took it as a challenge. I LOVE a challenge. Just ask my mom. :)

Hope I make you two proud! xoxo (you can click on the photo to inspect my work, just don't look too close!)


It's almost the weekend. Enjoy! Thanks for taking a peek today!

1 comment:

MarySue said...

You are simply super. The crocheting is top-notch! Well done. Is there anything you can't do????? And I love the Merry Susie