Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To all of the number one dad's...

However, I am pretty sure that title belongs to my hubby. As I type this, he is in North Dakota with his father and our 3 little guys, in a motor home, for NINE days. Just me and my little girl are home. It is so nice and quiet. I've only done 1 (yes ONE!!!) load of laundry since they left last Friday evening....HEAVEN I'm telling you. :)  I am missing them like crazy, but am oh so enjoying my bonding time with my dd. We don't let the kids sleep with us unless they are really sick, but I have had this sweet little bundle in my bed with me every night. I am LOVING it. I went out with girlfriends for dinner last night and my mother-in-law put her in our bed to sleep. When I came home and got into bed she lifted her head, gave me the biggest smile, and immediately scooted over to snuggle right in and back to sleep she went. It's one of those things that us Mommy's miss when they get too old for this kind of stuff.

So, totally off track I went with that. Sorry. Back to business.

Did this for the Bo Bunny blog last week. A Father's day card and a matching gift box. All made with the Roughin' it line.

And a layout made with the same line of papers.

Happy Father's day to all!

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Anika said...

What a fun set! I love that plaid paper and the way you made the card into a shirt and tie! Very fun!